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Grow your Instagram creator account faster with KrystalGrowth.

KrystalGrowth is a personal growth service developed to grow your Instagram creator account. Focus on creating great content and let KrystalGrowth bring in new organic followers day after day.

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2 Minutes Setup • 14 Day Growth Guarantee • Get More Instagram Followers
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Get More Followers

A premium growth service for Instagram creator accounts

Your job: Create great Instagram content that your followers will love watching over and over again. Our job: make sure you will get new followers day in - day out.

What we don't do:

  • Bring your Instagram creator account fake followers
  • Make promises we can’t keep
  • Get unrelated followers that aren't from your niche

What we do:

  • Grow your Insta
  • Get you hyperengaged, real followers
  • Do the growth part so you can focus on content
Create and grow more

Like having your own Instagram manager

We can offer you a management service that is specifically built for Instagram creators like photographers, models, artisans, musicians, and more for the price of a cup of coffee per day.

2 Minutes Setup • 14 Day Growth Guarantee • Get More Instagram Followers

@crossfitjunkiesociety / 18.2k Followers

Good results, a lot more engagement, and way more sales. Exactly what I was looking for from Instagram. Thanks KrystalGrowth!

Kelly, Lifestyle Niche

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Setup is easy

No software to install, it all runs on a secure cloud. Setting up KrystalGrowth is quick and easy. Try it now.

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100% Organic

Tired of tools that bring you fake or ghost followers? KrystalGrowth engages with real followers who love the content you create.

New followers every day

KrystalGrowth does your Instagram growth, so you can focus on creating great content.

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Real support when you need it

KrystalGrowth is extremely easy to use, but you can count on our friendly support team if you ever get stuck.

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Thousands of Instagram creators use KrystalGrowth

Creators, businesses, agencies & managers

Join the family of thousands of Instagram creators who already created KrystalGrowth account to streamline their online presence and grow their audience. KrystalGrowth brings new followers, likes, and comments every day so you can focus on taking that perfect photo.

KrystalGrowth is designed with Instagram creators in mind. With machine learning A.I. and advanced targeting features, your account will grow day in, day out.

Grow Your Instagram Faster

How KrystalGrowth helps creators grow

We are a social media agency - but many of our employees are Instagram creators who understand what it means to create great content and grow your account. When we were developing KrystalGrowth, we had photographers, videographers, models, chefs, musicians, and other Instagram creators in mind.

Organic Growth Feature

Follow & unfollow

Based on A.I. and filtering options like hashtags and similar accounts, KrystalGrowth will follow and unfollow accounts, growing your Instagram following. KrystalGrowth also offers advanced targeting features that allow you to target users with pinpoint accuracy. KrystalGrowth will save hours of manual work you have to do every day.

Create With KrystalGrowth
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💡 Only see posts that you choose in your feed

KrystalGrowth uses the mute function, so your feed will stay clean, only showing posts from accounts you are interested in. No worries, you can use your Instagram account normally and let KrystalGrowth do all the work in the background.

Organic Growth Feature

Watch stories, like comments and engage

One of the fastest ways to grow your Instagram account is by engagement. Research shows that accounts who regularly watch stories and react to posts get 344% more followers on average. With KrystalGrowth, you can turn what looks like a full-time job into a “done for you” process by letting us handle your growth opportunities.

Use KrystalGrowth to get rid of your own daily Instagram “chores” and gain more followers with this reliable, proven growth strategy, saving 2-4 hours of your precious time every day.

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Target hashtags, similar accounts, locations 📍

All you need to do is enter a few hashtags and accounts similar to yours at the setup and KrystalGrowth will do the rest, targeting real followers with pinpoint accuracy.

With KrystalGrowth’s advanced targeting features, you will get more followers day in, day out. But more importantly, the followers you will gain will be real people genuinely interested in your work.

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💡 Advanced Targeting

You can let KrystalGrowth take care of your growth, or get into the nitty-gritty and set every detail manually, boosting your growth and getting even more relevant followers.

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Signups close in

KrystalGrowth was built with Instagram creators in mind. We, ourselves, are a group of photographers, home chefs, and travelers with our own Instagram creator accounts. We want to provide every customer with the best possible service, that is why the signups are limited and only open once per month. Don’t miss your chance!

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2 Minutes Setup • 14 Day Growth Guarantee • Grow Your Instagram
And so much more

And many more features to help creators

KrystalGrowth is deceptively easy to use, you just set it once and it does the job for you. But there are a lot of features under the hood that Instagram creators can use to grow their accounts.

Advanced Parameters

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Advanced targeting options to gain engaged, interested followers.


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We analyze your account and suggest improvements to boost your growth.

Blacklist & Whitelist

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Don’t worry, your account won’t engage with black-listed accounts, content, or any bad word.

A human touch

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KrystalGrowth is easy to use, but our friendly support team is here to help you improve your account.

☕ ¢0.43 per day

Billed at £12.99/ mo

Get Started

  • Organic Instagram Followers
  • Meaningful engagement
  • Advanced analytics
  • Costs less than your daily cup of coffee ☕
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What's KrystalGrowth again?

It’s an organic growth service made with creators in mind that brings new, relevant followers to your Instagram account. KrystalGrowth will automate your daily Instagram chores and save you 4+ hours per day, allowing you to focus on creating great content.

What's your growth guarantee?

Our 14-day growth guarantee means that you can ask for a full refund if your account isn't growing with us. Most of our customers start seeing growth 2-3 days after signup.

Priced for you

With the entry-level plan starting at $29 per month, we offer advanced features, easy organic growth, and personal touch of a real Instagram manager to everyone

Can I try KrystalGrowth free?

Our team works very hard to provide the best service in the industry. Our success team can’t support the free trial model, but we do offer a guarantee that can not be beaten.

Managed Instagram Creator Accounts

The only service built for creators

Are you an Instagram creator and want to grow your account with more followers and better engagement? KrystalGrowth is the only growth service made with photographers, models, musicians, chefs, travelers, and other Instagram creators in mind.

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Are you a creator? Grow your Instagram account now

It’s not just about followers, everyone can buy fake and ghost followers for a few dollars. KrystalGrowth offers you much more. If you are an Instagram creator, and want to truly grow your account with real, organic followers, better engagement and a personal, human touch, KrystalGrowth is ready for you.

If you're still not ready to get started, get in touch with your questions and our success team will get back to you ASAP!

Dedicated customer success team

A fast, friendly customer success team that will help you if you ever get stuck comes as standard with every KrystalGrowth account. Reach out to us, let’s have a chat. We're ready to help you grow so you can focus more on your content. Reach out to us if you have any questions before getting started!

2 Minutes Setup • 14 Day Growth Guarantee • Get Instagram Followers Fast
  • #1 first-time-to-response, Nov 2019
  • Results-focused success team
  • Dedicated account manager just for your accounts
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