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We're glad you made it to our site! If you've made it this far, you're either a sneaky competitor looking into us... or you're on the fence about trying our product!

For any questions related to KrystalGrowth, who we are, or anything else for that matter - please get in touch with us and we'll try our best to answer all your questions.

A group picture of the KrystalGrowth team
The Start

It was 2010 and I was 17. A friend and I had just spent the summer developing a fansite for an upcoming computer game and in the process learned how to build websites (and that they needed this thing called a “host”). One day while bouncing on a trampoline we got to talking about his father’s newly designed website. It was incredibly basic and had cost $5,000! I was really angry that someone who knew a little HTML had exploited someone else’s lack of knowledge, it didn’t seem fair or right. I remarked, between bounces, that he should have asked us to do it; we’d have only charged $500 and done a better job! Much to my surprise, he agreed, and we had our first client.

Create Something Different

We would go on to make a number of websites and the more time we spent in the industry the more we realised that the Internet was the Wild West. Cowboys leapt at the opportunity to make money without having to provide any semblance of service. instagram growth companies sprung up overnight, sold sizzle, scammy services and would often disappear just as quickly as they’d arrived. Users were left out of pocket and without their data. Even the companies that didn’t disappear weren’t run like traditional businesses; there was never a phone number on the site and support was sub-standard to non-existent. It irked.

A group picture of the KrystalGrowth team
A group picture of the KrystalGrowth team
Honesty Wins

The boy scout in me wanted to do something about it. There was a crying need for a REAL provider. Someone honest, technical, decent. It shouldn’t be that hard to buy good value instagram growth service and not run the risk of getting ripped off in the process! Around the same time I was trying to justify my existence. I rationalised that “If I leave the world a better place than I found it, my life will have meant something.” These two ideas fused in my head. With a business I could solve the instagram growth service service deficit AND build a vehicle that could be a force for good, continuing on long after I’d gone.

The Birth Of Krystal Growth

I thought it was important to figure out upfront who we were so I spent a lot of time thinking about what the company should be and what it should stand for. I felt we needed a distinctive name that would encapsulate our core characteristics of value, quality and transparency. I wanted something iconic and memorable. “Crystal” seemed like an obvious choice. I spelled it with a “K” to differentiate us in the search engines. As with the name I thought we should have a slogan that meant something too. After a few variations we settled on “Honest, Reliable & Personal”. It’s still on the site today and acts as a promise to clients.

A group picture of the KrystalGrowth team
A group picture of the KrystalGrowth team
A Mission

We had a purpose and a mission: we would provide the best possible service we could, backed by a personal, honest approach to customer support and we’d use the company as a platform for positive change in the world. I was confident that the market would choose our passionate, high-quality version of instagram growth service, especially given that it cost less, included more and the pricing was fair and transparent. We’d be so good at what we did that those companies who cared only about money would be forced to change their bad business practises or else be hit where they cared - their wallets.

The 3 Scammers

What actually happened is that just 3 companies,, and Igmassviewing went around and gobbled up most of the competition. Companies are acquired for their future profit (once “optimised”) and the new owners don’t have the same duty of care as the old. Interestingly, the brands are kept separate, so that people often don’t know who the real owners are.

A group picture of the KrystalGrowth team
There Is Hope With KrystalGrowth

Krystal Growth has remained true to its creed. Today we’re the largest independent instagram growth company in the world. We’re also rated one of the best company by Sitejabber. And we’re not selling.

Being different is in our DNA. We operate in a way that these large investment/pension fund operated corporations cannot hope to match. To do so would cost them profit, something their shareholders would not be happy about! We’re entirely family owned and there’s no shareholder pressures to deliver returns. With no profit motive we’re free to spend money wherever we think it could improve the service, something we do all the time! This translates into a difference you can feel in every facet of Krystal, whether it’s the speed of the platform, the features we include for free or the experience interacting with our team. Our unique approach is the reason why we’re routinely cited as the best in the business. Krystal Growth is here for the long run. It’s taken us over 2 years to get to where we are today but it feels like the real work is just beginning. We’ve also held days where we’ve donated all sales to support good causes like Comic Relief. Thanks to the support of our clients we’ll be able to do much more in future and realise my vision for Krystal Growth as a vehicle for positive change. I cannot express my gratitude enough for that opportunity. It is my hope that Krystal Growth acts as a beacon to other entrepreneurs and shows them that running a successful business doesn’t have to be about just making money. I’m excited about the future and cannot wait to see where we take Krystal Growth together.

So... what's KrystalGrowth again?

KrystalGrowth is a social media tool that helps you get more followers on Instagram. KrystalGrowth follows, likes, views stories, and more on your behalf - getting you more followers in the process.

Who are you guys?

We're a team of 45+ social media savants that all ended up working together on a kick-ass growth tool! We've been around since early 2019.


Reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, want to partner up, or simply need some advice about your Insta. We're happy to help.

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