What is KrystalGrowth?
KrystalGrowth is much more than just another Instagram automation service. Let our Instagram AI do the hard work for you with clever automated tools and services. Get the new and revised line up with auto like, auto follow, auto unfollow and auto DM tools included.

Why Choose KrystalGrowth?

Grow your instagram account fast, trusted and award-winning growth service

100% Organic Growth

Krystal Growth offers the newest way of automated Instagram growth By Advanced AI Tech powered by Krystal Growth.

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Award Winning Support

We Offer Nothing but the best of the best for our clients and we believe that our customers deserve the best.


The application overview up to 20,000 Instastory views per day driving traffic to our Instagram profile and gain 100+ followers.

Auto follow and auto like

Follow, unfollow and like on targeted profiles.The most classic form of promotion Actions limited by Instagram to about 70 per day and gain even more followers.

Automatic Responses

When browsing Instastory, the bot automatically answers questions like Poll votes, moves sliders or answers text questions using pre-set messages.

In the cloud

You not need to install ant soft on PC. This is fully on our servers. Watch the job from any device, even from a mobile phone to track your growth.

api automation

AI Automation

We are the industry leader in instagtam growth in 2021 and beyond. Join thousands of customers today and experiecnce the KrystalGrowth Difference

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High Performance With Our Custom AI

Mass view up to 100,000 instagram users per day for normal accounts and up 1 Million for verified accounts and show up in the users “Notifications” of people who follow similar accounts

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Easy Setup Process

Get setting up on platform in just a matter of clicks and start growing on instagram. We provide detailed guides on how to setup your accounts here with us at krystalgrowth

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Dedicated Proxies

We never share proxies among our users! All customer accounts has there own dedicated proxy address exclusive to them and no one else.


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Advanced Security System

Customer safe and protection is our utmost priority. We have the best of the best military grade encrytion sytem money can but with updated server software for the best protection possible

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24/7/365 Monitoring

There is always someone online to help with any situation that happends, giving you a piece of mind

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monitoring 24/7/365

Instagram Live Mentions Instagram Automation

Instagram Live Mentions is the best Instagram automation tool in the business, and now with Our special Instagram Live Mentions algorithm, you can get even more features and better results.

  • Fast Speeds – Interact with up to 100,000 Mentions Per day
  • Smart Targeting – Target new users based on accounts, hashtags and location
  • Real Time Activity – See your interactions in real time
  • Safe & Secure – Built in security and proxy options
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Get Real Followers

There are no fake followers with Instagram Live Mentions, just automated engagement that encourages IG users to engage back. When you vote on a story, the IG user then chooses to engage or follow you back.

  • Real IG Users – Get genuine accounts that want to engage with your content
  • Increased Engagement – Get more likes, comments, DMs and follows on your profile
  • Easy To Use – Simple to set up with help and tutorials every step of the way
  • Sustained Growth – Your new followers will usually stay engaged with your profile
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monitoring 24/7/365

Choose Speed

You can edit your speed as well as timeframes anytime, anywhere through your Dashboard. KrystalGrowth has a Speed Manager that lets you choose the timeframes for promotion. Utilise the performance for when your potential followers are most active on Instagram.

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Meet The KrystalGrowth Family

Krystal Plans come complete with several Hyper tools so that you use an approach that works best for you. Use Instagram Live Mentions alongside the other Tools to get rapid account growth.

  • Live Mentioner – The Best instagram growth method of 2021!
  • Dm Request Responder – Reply automatically to incoming message requests
  • Instagram Live Mentions – Intereact with thousands of stories a day with our Instagram Live Mentions tool
  • DM Cleaner – Automaticaly delete messages from your inbox to keep it clean
  • Story Tagger – Automatically create stories and tag users to gain profile visits
  • Masslooking – Our tool can watch upto 25k stories a day and gain you massive growth
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